Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tributes to 05/06/2015 Mount Kinabalu climbers

It's has been 3 days since the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Ranau, Sabah.  So far, 19 Mt Kinabalu climbers lost their lives, almost 100 injured and some are still missing.

We, as traveler might be one of them.  Our family might be the one who is mourning now.  My deepest condolence to the family of the deceased.  Although I do not know any of the climbers, my heart aches.

Special thanks to unsung heroes especially guides who who gave all their life to save the climbers. 


  1. It was the longest 5 secs in my life. Giler ko! Xpernah terjaga sebab katil bergoncang. Sampai sekarang kalau teringat, aku jadi pening.

    1. Aku tak boleh bayangkan macamana perasaan mangsa dan semua orang sabah hari tu. Very sad day for all of us.