Saturday, September 27, 2014

Travel Bujang vs Travel Family. Dari mata CK

CK says

I've known PK since we were studying.  We worked together in the earlier parts of our career.  We still tag along now; the same working community, same path to work although different work place.  Knowing each other for a long time has brought us together in many trips during our single life - her single life i meant.  We only travelled within Malaysia at that time.  We don't have that much money to spend, flight tickets were something very luxury at those times.  But we enjoyed our vacations nonetheless.  When we don't have much we always find our way to make things possible within the expenditure capacity.  I guess planning were made easy since we've known and comfortable with each other.

I still find PK the best travel partner ever.  Now that PK is married and we have commitments with our furry companions, we can't go on holidays at the same time.  I don't quite trust anyone with my cats.  Well, I don't trust anyone in anything kan? hehee...  Saya sangat cerewet.  I don't simply go on holidays with anyone randomly.  So that certainly limits my vacation opportunity.

Once, I planned to go to Bali with a friend, A.  A's friend, B wanted to join us.  So there were three of us.  I didn't meet B until our first day at Bali.  I was very sceptic.  I don't know B, and I wasn't very close to A.  It was the first holiday without PK.   These are my conclusions after the holiday :

1.  Find a travel partner who have the same kind of attitude, same inclination towards the plan.  You don't want to be arguing all the time.  Blaming one another will only deteriorate the mood.  If your travel partner's idea of holidaying is shopping, while yours is arts & culture; tak payah la ajak dia pergi Bali.  Ask someone else, or go alone.

2.  Things will be simpler if you don't have to be very particular about everything.  For example, everyone of us have different spending patterns.  If your friend loves to shop sampai tak muat beg, you are not oblige to do the same and blame your friend later for not reminding you to bring enough money.  Remember, it is not just about yourself and your needs; adjust yourself to also fit to your travel companion's holiday pattern.

3.  We can't always expect everything to be as planned.  Some places had to be cancelled due to weather, time, accessibility or even human capability.  Sometimes you are just too tired to push yourself to the next location.

4.  Split the cost; senang kalau kita tak terlalu berkira sampai ke sen when you have to share transportation or meal costs.  Instead of paying your own meal everytime, I prefer one person to pay at a time.  To do that, kena cari orang yang tak berkira.

5.  Timing.  One of the reason why I don't prefer to go on holidays with some of my female friends is because I'm aware of their punctuality.  Yes, I don't like waiting but I'm also in a phase of understanding and giving tolerances.  Some people just need to have extra sleeping hours, or extra time to make themselves look pretty on holidays.

Other option than having to go through those difficulties, is to travel alone.  You have full control over the plans, costs and timing.  You can decide where and when to go out.  No waiting involves.  Stop anywhere anytime when you are tired.  Eat or don't eat - it's your choice.  Stop, talk to anyone, make friends.  I find it enjoyable.  The only downside is that you'll get bored talking to yourself most of the time.  Well, you have to share opinions right?  When I was in Hatyai, I wanted to taste their many kinds of foods they sell on the floating market.  I can only buy a few, knowing that it'll go wasted since I can't eat them all.  Ohh... and you can't split your transportation cost.  The taxi cost will be just on you. Well, there's always a plus and minus side of everything.  

I can't comment on the 'travel with family' part. Travel dengan husband memang tak pernah ;p Travel dengan kucing memang tak boleh.  Travel dengan adik beradik or parents... honestly, I don't quite enjoy. Selain PK I couldn't find any suitable potential female travel companion. ...Sesungguhnya saya manusia yang cerewet kan....

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